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## Motivation 
 We have the new "force_result" openQA feature (see #95479) and there is [auto-review]( which allows to automatically comment on jobs. As an alternative to retriggering on sporadic issues we can use auto-review to change the result of jobs showing known acceptable failures. This allows to mark failures that should be ignored for an auto-approval process, e.g. as used by qa-maintenance/bot-ng, while ensuring that there is an according open ticket to properly fix the failures. Additionally this allows to search easily for jobs related to tickets. 

 ## Acceptance criteria 
 * **AC1:** tickets with a special command in the subject line can change the job result of openQA jobs 
 * **AC2:** The "retry" command of auto-review still works 
 * **AC3:** jobs with changed results still have a reference to the according tickets 

 ## Suggestions 

 Extend to also parse commands like `:force_result:softfailed` which should trigger a comment including `label:force_result:softfailed:poo#<id>` with `<id>` referring back to originating ticket