coordination #101048

Updated by cdywan 3 months ago

## Observation
According to (sort by "avg" in the table on the right-hand side) openqaworker-arm-4/5 have a fail-ratio of 33-36% vs. openqaworker-arm-1/2/3 with a fail-ratio of 15-17%

## Acceptance criteria
* **AC1:** openqaworker-arm-4/5 have a fail-ratio less or equal to arm-1/2/3

## Suggestions
- Confirm if typing issues cause the failures (look for timeouts, observe additional or missing characters in typed commands)
- Bring back arm 4 and 5 after verifying stability
- Upgrade arm3 to Leap 15.3 and compare failure rate
- Consider switching to kernel-stable or kernel-head
- Consider downgrading kernel to what's used in 15.2
- Run []( from os-autoinst as test in production