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## observation Reproducible steps: 
 Trying to save a needle not based on any existing needle and not taking matches from other needles but with a matching area defined yields an error that "no areas are defined" while the json preview also shows correct content. 

 ## steps to reproduce 
 1) open needle editor 
 2) select Needle based on to None 
 3) unchecked "Take matches" 
 Now json is in a fresh state. 
 4) create matching area 
 5) add a tag 
 6) now the json preview shows proper tag and areas, saving needle 
 RED WARNING show up - Unable to save needle : no areas defined 

 ## problem 

 H1. needle editor broken 

 ## suggestion 

 * Debug `assets/javascripts/needleeditor.js` 

 ## workaround 

 probably Expect results: 
 it helps to take any needle as template and/or select 'take matches' and then save. should work 

 ## further details 

 screenshot attached I uploaded the screenshot.