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## Observation
[2021-01-06T02:02:06.500 CET] [debug] Blocking SIGTERM
[2021-01-06T02:02:06.548 CET] [debug] Unblocking SIGTERM
7670: channel_out 16, channel_in 15
[2021-01-06T02:02:06.677 CET] [debug] Blocking SIGTERM
[2021-01-06T02:02:06.718 CET] [debug] Unblocking SIGTERM
7780: cmdpipe 14, rsppipe 17
[2021-01-06T02:02:06.722 CET] [debug] started mgmt loop with pid 7780
[2021-01-06T02:02:06.784 CET] [debug] qemu version detected: 4.2.1
[2021-01-06T02:02:06.786 CET] [debug] running /usr/bin/chattr -f +C /var/lib/openqa/pool/7/raid
[2021-01-06T07:02:04.371 CET] [debug] isotovideo received signal TERM
[2021-01-06T07:02:04.371 CET] [debug] backend got TERM
[2021-01-06T07:02:04.373 CET] [info] ::: OpenQA::Qemu::Proc::save_state: Refusing to save an empty state file to avoid overwriting a useful one
[2021-01-06T07:02:04.373 CET] [debug] Passing remaining frames to the video encoder
[2021-01-06T07:02:04.374 CET] [debug] Waiting for video encoder to finalize the video
[2021-01-06T07:02:04.374 CET] [debug] The built-in video encoder (pid 7859) terminated
[2021-01-06T07:02:04.375 CET] [debug] commands process exited: 0
[2021-01-06T07:02:04.376 CET] [debug] sending magic and exit
[2021-01-06T07:02:04.376 CET] [debug] received magic close
[2021-01-06T07:02:04.378 CET] [debug] [autotest] process exited: 1
[2021-01-06T07:02:04.383 CET] [debug] backend process exited: 0
failed to start VM at /usr/lib/os-autoinst/backend/ line 126.
[2021-01-06T07:02:04.483 CET] [debug] stopping autotest process 7701
[2021-01-06T07:02:04.483 CET] [debug] done with autotest process
7670: EXIT 1

## Steps to reproduce

Find jobs referencing this ticket with the help of ,
call `openqa-query-for-job-label poo#81828`

## Problem

* **H1:** chattr itself is blocked on I/O
* **H2:** Some other process after chattr is blocked

## Workaround
Retrigger. Also handled by [auto-review](