action #96058

Updated by okurz almost 3 years ago

## Motivation 
 As a squad member with responsibility areas defined by a field `Maintainer:` in a test module I would like to filter by a search term searching the test modules on /tests or /tests/overview to only see scenarios which fail in modules that list my team as maintainer 

 ## Acceptance criteria 
 * **AC1:** /tests or /tests/overview can be configured to show only test results matching a specified regex search term in test module source code 

 ## Suggestions 
 * Add a query parameter to /tests or /tests/overview or both, e.g. "module_content", that if specified calls `git grep -l` in the specified test distribution and returns only the jobs that run/fail in job modules that match the git grep call 
 * Look how we call "git" in other cases, e.g. for the "investigation" details 

 ## Out of scope 
 * Support for non-git test distributions 
 * Support for multiple test distributions, just rely on "distri" being specified for now