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## Motivation
In this test run the is a problem. Seems that the server is not responsive

# Test died: command 'while ! [ -f nohup.out ]; do sleep 1 ; done && grep -qP "Listening at.*(|localhost)" <(tail -f -n0 nohup.out) ' timed out at openqa//tests/install/ line 68.
~~~ shows

[warn] [AssetPack] Unable to download Connect timeout
Could not find input asset "". at /usr/lib/perl5/vendor_perl/5.32.1/Mojolicious/Plugin/ line 172.

which *maybe* is causing the problem, maybe not.

## Acceptance Criteria
* **AC 1**: The above timeout does not appear After apply a solution this error doesn't appears again in at least 10 consecutive rounds

## Suggestions
* Crosscheck in a passed test if the asset connect timeout warning also shows up to prevent us following a "red herring"
* Check if the above download URL from asset definitions can work
* Try to reproduce locally as well as use to get statistics of failures
* Prevent timeout either on low-level, e.g. asset preparation or high-level, e.g. retry within the openQA-in-openQA tests