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## Observation 
 All pull request openQA CI checks fail now in "webui-docker-compose", e.g. see 

 ERROR: for webui    Container "3dc2c3dbe671" is unhealthy. 
 Encountered errors while bringing up the project. 

 Error executing a job 

 ## Steps to reproduce 

 DONE: TBC if this works locally -> reproducible, confirmed by ilausuch 

 make test-containers-compose 

 or find failed examples in any open openQA pull requests 

 ## Expected result 
 * From the last good was 4 days ago, last successful run: 

 ## Problem 
 The "last good" PR seems to be . Maybe that introduced a problem that after merge our package in devel:openQA was built and only then all subsequent tests were impacted in a harmful way 

 ## Suggestions 
 * DONE: Try to reproduce locally -> ilausuch confirmed that it is 
 * If not, then reproduce in CI 
 * Try out if reverting helps. If it does not, then try to use an older version of packages as baseline in the docker compose test if this is applicable at all 

 ## Impact 

 All PR checks fail hence blocking clean merges of new changes.