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## Scope
**Job Groups:** YaST, openSUSE Tumbleweed, openSUSE Leap 15
**Test Cases:**
`#2` - Accept current configuration (test cases:
`#3` - Accept default configuration (test cases:

## Task:

1. Implement test modules in accordance with the test cases, using [Page Object Model]( and LibyuiClient;
2. Implement validation test module for test case `#3`;
2. Use test case `#2` everywhere, replacing `tests/installation/`;
3. Use test case `#3` and validation module in `installer_extended` test suite.

## Note:
There is a code in installer_timezone (the existing test module):
# performance ci need install with timezone Asia-beijing
if (check_var('TIMEZONE', 'beijing')) {
send_key_until_needlematch("timezone-Asia", "up", 20, 1);
send_key 'tab';
send_key_until_needlematch("timezone-beijing", "down", 20, 1);

The needle was never used on OSD and o3. It would be great to communicate with the team who introduced this change and ask them if they still need that part of code to be kept. Because in our test suites, only "Next" button is pressed on this screen, we do not select any timezone.