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## Observation
Once in a while, some jobs randomly end up with one or more modules missing all screenshots and console output. The boxes do appear in OpenQA web UI but only show `Unable to read foo-123.txt.` or blank box instead of a screenshot:

Worker-log.txt shows that the missing files were not uploaded at all. The worker uploaded all artefacts for `update_kernel` and `install_ltp` but there's not a single line with `Uploading artefact cn_pec_sh-*.txt` or `Uploading artefact shutdown_ltp-*.txt` (except for log assets uploaded by calling `upload_logs()` in the test itself):

I've seen this happen randomly multiple times, usually it's just one module in the middle of a test run. Everything before it and after it gets uploaded correctly.

## Steps to reproduce
* Look for jobs with test modules steps that include `Unable to read `

## Expected result
another job in the same scenario as the original one shows correct expected data in steps, shows

# wait_serial expected: "# "
# Result:


## Acceptance criteria
* **AC1:** test module steps are uploaded again for LTP cases in general

## Suggestions
* Find fail ratio
* Try to reproduce problem locally
* Find out what files the openQA worker should try to upload

## Out of scope
* If we find a problem in the custom LTP runner don't try to fix that on openQA side but have it be fixed within os-autoinst-distri-opensuse