action #93029

Updated by oorlov 5 months ago

Until now, we are using welcome module for product selection on SLE. This covers multiple scenarios, as identified in #88939. We should separate the scenarios and create separate modules.

## Scope:
**Job Groups:** SLE15-SP3 YaST
**Test Cases:** #1 - Select product for installation (Please, see test cases in, use SLES as a product to select.

## Task:
1. Implement test module for the test case using [Page Object Model]( and LibyuiClient;
2. Check that the proper product is installed: `cat /etc/os-release` and check NAME field;
3. Add this module to all the Test Suites where currently **only project selection** is made (That means: do NOT update test suites where some additional actions except product selection are made, e.g. switch keyboard or validate install source. That will be scope of another ticket).