action #93692

Updated by punkioudi almost 3 years ago

lvm-thin-provisiong is scheduled right now only in `SLE15 -> YaST` and `Maintenance: Test Repo -> Maintenance SLE 15 SP3 Updates` 

 It would be nice to have it also scheduled in the rest of maintenance runs. From a quick VR though in SLE 15SP2, the job gets stuck in `` ( for a long time.   
 The error message, when accessing the machine is : `An error occurred during the installation`, which seems to be related to with [[poo#93222]]( 

 ## Acceptance criteria 
 * **AC1** Fix the issue occurring in `` 
 * **AC2** Verify that ` lvm-thin-provisioning` works in all SLE Maintenance versions (12-SP2 till 15-SP2) 
 * **AC3** Schedule    `lvm-thin-provisioning` in `schedule/qam/1x-SPx/lvm_thin_provisioning.yaml`