coordination #93246

Updated by okurz 11 months ago

## Motivation
As a test reviewer and member of one of many QA squads I want to find unreviewed openQA test failures on /tests to have access to a single page showing all failures needing review work.

Also see parent #89062

## Acceptance criteria
* **AC1:** query parameters on /tests can be specified to show only jobs needing a label, e.g. "failed/incomplete/timeout_exceeded" with no "label" nor "bugref"

## Suggestions
/tests can already be configured like , even over UI elements. Also /tests already shows a comments icon but makes no distinction like on /tests/overview or "next & previous" between "plain comment", "label" or "bugref".

* Try t/ui/01-list.t and see if you can extend it
Distinguish between "plain comment", "label" and "bugref" same as we do in /tests/overview and "next & previous"
* Add query parameter to filter only jobs that need review, e.g. "todo=1", same as on /tests/overview . At best use the same logic to prevent duplication
* Optional: Add UI element to configure this, e.g. again like on /tests/overview the "todo" checkbox
* Optional: Add further filter query parameters (+doc, +UI control elements) for
* job group include/exclude regex (similar to what we have on the index page)
* filter for "no group/any group"
* test module include/exclude regex
* further filter possibilities, e.g. medium, flavor, arch, machine

## Further details

We already provide an IRC bridge that notifies about all unreviewed test failures (see and ).