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In ticket 89479 the goals for QE Core were fulfilled to modernize directory service testing. However, QE Migration would also like to test sssd with openldap (older SLE) and 389-ds (newer SLE) and testing how the functionality remains after upgrade to newer SLE.

There is a draft design for such tests at - once there it is fully agreed that we want to go ahead with such architecture, this test, which is probably one of the more important migration tests, should be modified towards that. Whether done by people from QE Core or QE Migration is likely depending on a resource issue, now that developer of 89479 is moving to yet another squad. Community contribution would be of course always welcome as well, although for that the design plan should be incorporated to this ticket. tl;dr; divide the test to 1. install_service, 2. configure_service, 3. enable_service, 4. start_service, 5. check_service, 6. check_function, of which 1-6 are done before distro upgrade and 5-6 after. Maybe it could be possibly to do just division to two steps, and execute either both or just the latter? Ticket will be updated once the draft solidifies.

## Further Information

See discussion at and

## Acceptance Criteria

AC1: Modify test so that it continues to execute as is, but is split so that distro upgrade (migration) tests can be also run using the same module.