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## Motivation 
 the teams of the former SUSE department QA SLE have set up individual job groups within product codestreams on openQA corresponding to their team's work scope. For Maintenance so far there are parent job groups like "Maintenance: Single Incidents" and "Maintenance: Test Repo" with subgroups like "Maintenance: SLE 15 SP3 Incidents" so not split by team scopes. To cover the test scope of Maintenance tests review would be easier if we could apply the same structuring of job groups for Maintenance tests as we already have for product validation tests. 

 ## Acceptance criteria 
 * **AC1:** Feasibility of changing the job group structure of maintenance tests with expected consequences is documented 

 ## Suggestions 
 * Ask around, e.g. on,, within the teams what problems could be expected when applying that change on 
 * On a clean openQA instance import an OSD database dump, create a job group structure for maintenance tests similar to the "SLE15" job group    and update all "maintenance" tests to show up in the new structure, e.g. with SQL updates 
 * Discuss or investigate the impact of the changed structure on the behaviour of and 
 * Optional: Implement the actual change on OSD in case we found it to be feasible :) In that case maybe start with just part of the structure for a first step? 

 ## Further details 
 If we manage to apply the same structures for Maintenance tests as for product validation we can provide test overview links specific for each team.