action #92746

Updated by okurz 4 months ago

## Motivation
Log files like autoinst-log.txt are often crucial for reviewing test results. openQA does not yet have a "log viewer", it only provides a download and browsers can choose to show logs verbatim. Compare to gitlab in showing the raw log with control codes from both code that comes from us as well as gitlab internal code doing the same in comparison to a nice log viewer that shows color for both parts again, e.g. nice colorful autoinst-log.txt . We also have a separate video viewer since so we can try a similar approach for logs now

## Acceptance criteria
* **AC1:** autoinst-log.txt accessible over the openQA webUI show colors based on the control characters included in autoinst-log.txt
* **AC2:** Raw unaltered logs can still be accessed over the webUI for download

## Suggestions

* Research how other programs do log parsing, e.g. gitlab
* Read what #65271 does now, e.g. especially and and
* Implement a log viewer next to a download link, same as for videos, where we have "Video (download)", see