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## Observation

openQA test in scenario opensuse-Tumbleweed-DVD-aarch64-package-dependency@aarch64 fails in

`inst-overview-blocked` screen is not showed anymore.

## Test suite description
Maintainer: jpupava Packages More packages are installed by default and removed when starting (starting with - (minus). ) for sake of matter. Installation get blocked by removed grub2 package, packages in INSTALLATION_BLOCKED will be selected back to resolve conflict and continue with installation
ggardet_arm: aarch64 must use grub2-arm64-efi instead of grub2. Done in TW/Leap 15.2 template -

## Reproducible

Fails since (at least) Build [20210226](

## Expected result

Last good: [20210223]( (or more recent)

## Further details

Always latest result in this scenario: [latest](