action #91542

Updated by okurz 9 months ago

## Motivation

Based on chat between okurz and bzoltan1 , linked to #91338 there is a desire to find out from openQA "what jobs were/are testing X incident/package". The use case is not fully clear to okurz though. However okurz considers this not too hard to do, e.g. like the reverse of comments on, e.g. . For "incident" that would be different than package but looking in the openQA database for "what jobs are linked to incident $nr" is trivial. And for package the same is possible, openQA can give a list of "what jobs have package $package in the name"

## Acceptance criteria
* **AC1:** An example openQA API call exists yielding all jobs linked to a specified incident
* **AC2:** Same as AC1 but for package

## Suggestions
* Take a look on how incident tests are identified. E.g. shows build ":16134:gnuhealth.1619074869" where there is one additional interesting package "INSTALL_PACKAGES" with value "gnuhealth gnuhealth-orthanc" identified
* Compare to OSD as well where we have multiple products in maintenance at the same time
* Come up with an example API call with optional processing or filtering so that anyone that can implement that e.g. into can use such example.

## Further details
I (okurz) thinks that the design is not the best because incidents are triggered by "openQABot" and the encoding of incident and package is only within the build test name by convention with custom selected separator characters ":" and ".". A likely alternative seems to be to implement such functionality into openQABot which also triggers the tests accordingly but maybe we would like to avoid that to keep maintenance effort and complexity of the bot lower.