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tests/sysauth/ testing Follow the use of how pam is currently broken on 15-SP3 used in 389-ds now.

Also see if
with python-pam module not found: and . It should have been available this fixing ticket 55115 can also be set as resolved.

sssd testing was disabled
in PackageHub, but not anymore in 15-SP3. See 88736, see bug for more information about regarding python-pam.

It is also broken on 15-SP2 in public cloud tests similarly and was disabled there according to, but on 15SP2 it is still being run for maintenance
Latest test repo and passing results from tests/sysauth/ at

OpenLDAP itself is
eg It was/is only in Legacy in 15-SP3 and will be removed in 15-SP4 having been replaced by 389-ds, but it is widely used and should continue to be tested in 15-SP3 and earlier SLE versions.

"packagehub" because the QE Core planning meeting it was suggested to use pam as done in the new 389-ds test, which calls pam-config to enable sssd. However, the sssd test this ticket is about has data/sssd-tests/ which does a bit more than just enable sssd, so simply calling pam-config would not be enough.

suite used requires packages from Package Hub. Ideally, dependencies would be adapted so that it doesn't need package hub and sssd test module can be scheduled in extra_tests_textmode instead.

AC1: sssd tests using openldap passes on 15SP3, functionally equivalent to current testing but without using Package Hub (but using Legacy module to get OpenLDAP if needed - to be checked whether it's really gone from Basesystem now)
AC2: likewise 15SP2 tested, without Package Hub and without Legacy
AC3: ping public cloud testers to tell them how they could re-enable sssd testing
AC4: Move tests out from extra_tests_textmode_phub and similar to non-phub extratests