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## User story
As a QA engineer, I need to add a user change password test during migration process, that is to change password of bernhard and create a new user before migration, check the new password still worked and switch user after migration then. After I changed the bernhard's password in base system, I need to make sure the later Authority pass with correct password, while the later modules such as first_boot, system_prepare, prepare_test_data etc., they require input different password for different users. OpenQA only
Now it seems openQA holds one password and doesn't distinguish users, that's why I file this ticket.

## Acceptance criteria
1. We can easily set new password
for user in openQA and don't need touch passwords for other users.
2. Do not affect existing test.

## Tasks
Store password for each
all users in os-autoinst, and use different password for type_password according to different users.

## Further details
include root, bernhard, etc.
For example, when use type_password without parameter, it will use the $testapi::password which doesn't distinguish user. This will make us hard to deal with password in openQA if I changed the password of bernhard in system, we have to update the openQA password with $testapi::password= after that to match different password requirement(sometimes need login bernhard, sometimes need login root).
I would say why type_password with parameter doesn't work for my requirement. Let use the handle_login as example, it check user by console type, then type_password, so the user and password are dealed separately, I can't simply just type_password with my new password to fix the issue.

Refer to my ticket #70342 then you may know my pain.

So could we manage password for each user in openQA? So we can just set the new password for bernhard in openQA if changed the bernhard's password in system and do not need to touch other users's password.