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## Motivation 
 See #55364 : codecov reports often report about coverage changes which are obviously not related to the actual changes of a PR, e.g. when documentation is changed. We can already trust our coverage analysis more but should have only coverage changes reported for actual changes we introduced in a pull request. 

 ## Acceptance criteria 
 * **AC1:** tlib/OpenQA/Test/ does not appear anymore as changing code coverage in unrelated changes 

 ## Suggestions 

 * Try to reproduce locally with `rm -rf cover_db/ && make coverage KEEP_DB=1 TESTS=t/05-scheduler-full.t SCHEDULER_FULLSTACK=1 FULLSTACK=1 DEVELOPER_FULLSTACK=1` 
 * check coverage details in generated html report, e.g. call `firefox cover_db/coverage.html` report 
 * Fix uncovered lines with "uncoverable" statements, see previous commits adding these comments or look into statements or other means 
 * retry multiple times to check for flakyness