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## Motivation

See examples like #76822 : openQA has automatic removal of assets+results but the sum of all configured retention periods and asset quotas can still exceed the available space so that manual administration is required. In case the cleanup based on these parameters can not free enough space we should do the next step and remove more until we have enough free space again. We already do something similar in to remove videos of older test jobs which we identified as a big contributor to space usage.

## Acceptance criteria
* **AC1:** the filesystem including the openQA results directory is ensured to have at least a configured amount of free space

## Suggestions
* Read and understand
* Extend the existing asset+result cleanup to
* check the free space of the filesystem including the assets/results results directory
* compare the free space against a configured value, e.g. in openqa.ini
* if free space is below limit after results cleanup remove more data from results checking in each step until free space limit is reached, e.g.
* videos from oldest, non-important jobs first ("oldest first" can mean simply job id numbers ascending order)
* other results from oldest, non-important jobs
* videos from oldest, important jobs
* other results from oldest, important jobs
* if after all steps free space limit could still not be reached, i.e. if all result data was removed, raise error
* the above can be configured as well, e.g. "results_free_space_cleanup_components=non-important-results-videos,non-important-results-other,important-results-videos,important-results-other"
* can use
* can mock "df" in tests to simply give back what we want, e.g. "enough free space available" or "free space exceeded"
* Optional: Extend to assets as well

## Impact
This can also greatly help us as administrators of osd to ensure that /results limits are not exceeded which repeatedly caused us additional administration work.

## Workaround
Have a periodic job calling "df" and checking against limit, remove results otherwise