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Updated by tjyrinki_suse over 1 year ago

Passed for 15SP1 16 days ago:

Failed in a later build:

But associated with change last Thursday like:
that led to setup_libyui error:
and with manual schedule omitting the setup_libyui to raid_gpt error:

Then Rodion mentioned YAML schedule should not be used and moved back to non-YAML (even though the passing tests 16 days earlier were using the YAML schedule):

But that lead to different errors, which in turn were partially fixed by:

Before now George started looking at, at least RAID 0, 5 and 10 were proven to have passed at least once for 15SP1 Build 47.3, while 1 and 6 remained problemtic.

For 15SP2, everything passed 5 days ago at but similarly failures with latest build (rerun can get it further though):

SP2 is still using YAML.