action #80334

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## Observation 
 The job shows that 
 [2020-11-25T05:35:36.0825 CET] [debug] [pid:123005] +++ worker notes +++ 
 [2020-11-25T05:35:37.183 CET] [debug] Current version is 4.6.1605530625.31c8f336 [interface v20] 
 parse error in vars.json: 
 Usage: Cpanel::JSON::XS::decode(self, jsonstr, typesv= NULL) at /usr/lib/os-autoinst/ line 97. 
 [2020-11-25T05:35:37.185 CET] [debug] Unable to serialize fatal error: Can't write to file "base_state.json": No space left on device at /usr/lib/os-autoinst/ line 86. 

 123005: EXIT 1 
 [2020-11-25T05:35:37.0189 CET] [info] [pid:9534] Isotovideo exit status: 1 

 ## Impact 

 So far seems like only a single incomplete with this error 

 ## Steps to reproduce 

 Find jobs referencing this ticket with the help of , to look for this ticket call `openqa-query-for-job-label poo#80334` 

 ## Problem 

 * There is an error message "No space left on device". This should be checked if this was/is a general situation on the host powerqaworker-qam-1 

 ## Suggestions 

 * Check on powerqaworker-qam-1 what happened, what was/is the available space at the time the issue happened 
 * openQA jobs of this kind should be automatically retriggered as likely another worker will succeed or the jobs on the same worker might succeed later.