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## Motivation 
 Single instances of the webui can cause longer downtimes and make upgrades of OS more risky, e.g. when we do not have management access to VMs that might fail to reboot. Also, load-balancing can help as well as having switch-over deployments possible for easier testing, staging, etc. Nowadays a container based deployment becomes industry standard which we should fully support and prominently feature as supported both for simple single-instance setups of individual persons as well as multi-node setups in clusters supported. 

 ## Acceptance criteria 
 * **AC1:** an openQA infrastructure deployed on kubernetes is part of our continuous testing setup 
 * **AC2:** documentation exists how to setup redundant load-balancing infrastructures 
 * **AC3:** The support for openQA on container management frameworks is prominently presented 
 * **AC4:** documentation exists for simple single-instance setups, e.g. "get your openQA tests to run in less than 5 minutes" 

 ## Suggestions 

 Based on the spike conducted in #69355 we can streamline the support, add documentation, introduce proper testing, consider running that setup as part of our DevOps structure, etc. 

 state-of-the-art is k8s so we should aim for that. Maybe a "docker compose" file is a good intermediate step, then k8s with a helm chart, potentially also some setup based on gitlab, see