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## Motivation
The jobs API data shows both the group_id as well as group (name) for a job but not the parent job group. For example

openqa-cli api --o3 jobs/1464990 | jq .


"job": {

"group": "Development Tumbleweed",
"group_id": 38,
"has_parents": 0,
"id": 1464990,
"name": "opensuse-Tumbleweed-DVD-x86_64-Build20201108-create_hdd_textmode_ext4@uefi",

for a job within the job group "Development Tumbleweed" which is below a parent job group "Development". Another example is looking into the name of a job group if it starts with "Test" to call it a "Development" job group and hence ignore for QAM approval. This caused problems for a job within the job group "QAM HA-SAP" which is below the parent job group "Development" but not having "Development" or "Test" in the name itself.

## Acceptance criteria
* **AC1:** The parent job group name is available from jobs API data

## Suggestions
* Just add a field *parent_group* if not-null and learn quickly that it is never as easy like that ;)
* Optional: Also include *parent_group_id*