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## Observation 

 [19/06/2020 15:19:45] <DimStar> okurz: wasn't the idea of openQA:tested that this was actually tested? And that sort of would require it to at least build, no? :) 
 [19/06/2020 15:20:54] <okurz> DimStar: unfortunately not. I remember clearly that I opted for a different name "testing" or similar and IRC logs might prove that maybe you and others opted for "tested" :D 
 [19/06/2020 15:22:19] <DimStar> shame... 
 [19/06/2020 15:23:03] <okurz> however the name is of course no excuse for creating a SR when the build does not work. … There was ticket for this somewhere around here … *diggingintobacklog* 
 [19/06/2020 15:23:58] <okurz> DimStar: would fix that though :) 
 [19/06/2020 15:24:00] <|Anna|> sr#815729 [submit devel:languages:perl/perl-Mojolicious -> openSUSE:Factory/perl-Mojolicious] No description text (State: review) -- 
 [19/06/2020 15:24:29] <DimStar> okurz: ok, then I merge those adis together 
 [19/06/2020 15:25:01] <DimStar> can you reopen openQA in this case (as I declined it as FTBFS) 
 [19/06/2020 15:25:07] <okurz> that would be great. Anyway, I will still plan to not create submit requests when the build fails 

 ## Acceptance criteria 
 * **AC1:** No submit requests are created when build in fails 
 * **AC2:** openQA packages are still submitted automatically to Factory on no errors 

 ## Suggestions 

 * Take a look into what does 
 * Prevent that which uses creates a submit request if the package (or any package in that repo?) is not succeeded, probably just add a waiting check for "all packages succeeded" after the line 
 * Consider as alternative doing the same in nother CI system, e.g. circleCI or github actions