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## Observation ### observation
It looks like the videoencoder could not be started or got stuck before it could create the video file:

[2020-09-02T04:31:14.339 CEST] [debug] Backend process died, backend errors are reported below in the following lines:
Encoder not accepting data at /usr/lib/os-autoinst/backend/ line 157.

[2020-09-02T04:31:14.341 CEST] [info] ::: OpenQA::Qemu::Proc::save_state: Saving QEMU state to qemu_state.json
[2020-09-02T04:31:16.395 CEST] [debug] Passing remaining frames to the video encoder
[2020-09-02T04:31:16.395 CEST] [debug] Unable to pass remaining frames to video encoder: Encoder not accepting data at /usr/lib/os-autoinst/backend/ line 157.

[2020-09-02T04:31:16.395 CEST] [debug] Waiting for video encoder to finalize the video
[2020-09-02T04:31:16.395 CEST] [debug] The built-in video encoder (pid 7856) terminated

job reference:

## Steps to reproduce

* Look for references of this ticket detected on o3 and osd:

### suggestions
for i in o3 osd; do ssh $i "sudo -u geekotest psql openqa -c \"select,t_finished,state,result,test,reason,host from jobs, comments, workers where t_finished >= '2020-01-01' and jobs.assigned_worker_id = and = comments.job_id and comments.text ~ 'poo#70873' order by t_finished desc limit 20;\""; done

## Suggestions

* DONE: ~~Let's
Let's see whether it happens more often. Maybe the error handling when starting the video encoder could be improved.~~ yes, happened multiple times on both o3 and osd
* Check our test code coverage for the code in question, e.g. backend/ line 157
* Try to simulate failures in local tests, e.g. kill video encoder while a test is running
* Improve the error handling, e.g. extend the die message to inform about if the corresponding process is still there, etc.