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Updated by okurz 12 months ago

## Motivation
openQA currently uses `Mojolicious::Plugin::AssetPack` for asset management. That module has mostly been obsoleted by `Mojolicious::Plugin::Webpack` though, and is no longer particularly well maintained. I suggest we consider moving to the newer plugin before we actually run into serious issues. I'm opening this ticket because i ran into an incomprehensible error message from `Mojolicious::Plugin::AssetPack` in another project, which turned out to be a missing dependency that was declared as optional in the `Makefile.PL` and not referenced in the error message. Fairly annoying problem to track down.

## Acceptance criteria
* **AC1:** DONE: ~~`Mojolicious::Plugin::Webpack` `Mojolicious::Plugin::Webpack` and its dependencies have been packaged and added to Factory~~ Factory
* **AC2:** `Mojolicious::Plugin::AssetPack` has been replaced with `Mojolicious::Plugin::Webpack` in openQA

## Suggestions
* DONE: ~~submit submit to openSUSE:Factory~~ openSUSE:Factory
* DONE: ~~wait wait for inclusion in Factory~~ Factory
* replace all references of "AssetPack" (also look case-insensitive) within the openQA source code
* also check manually that a startup of the openQA server works and everything is displayed correctly