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Updated by SLindoMansilla about 1 year ago

## Observation

<fcrozat> are video still recorded for staging tests ? I can't find the link in
<okurz> shows that there was NOVIDEO=1 so no video recorded
<dzedro> Frédéric Crozat there have been change, you have to set NOVIDEO=0 to have video
<okurz> that should not be necessary by default, only if MAX_JOB_TIME exceeds the default of 2h
<okurz> so someone set a MAX_JOB_TIME>2h on the generic "gnome" test suite which then in turn disables the video by default. I recommend to delete the MAX_JOB_TIME again. Normally there should really be no need to exceed 2h
<dzedro> I guess it's bcause of aarch64 or some oher arch, as aarch64 has MAX_JOB_TIME=10800
<okurz> hm, if it's two times slower on aarch64 should not mean we need to have the higher timeout on the test suite. I guess setting MAX_JOB_TIME=10800 on the aarch64 machines is a better approach. I found out in the audit database that it was Dominik Heidler changing that 2019-12-02 . Dominik Heidler WDYT could you set the MAX_JOB_TIME on the slow machines rather than test suites?

## Tasks

- Remove test modules from **gnome** that are not directly related to gnome, like mysql, sssd, etc.