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## motivation observation

Take for example the bug [bsc#990254]( referencing an openQA job from July. The corresponding job run is which is not available anymore. Unfortunately the job information page does not even tell if the link is invalid or has been valid but the job does not exist anymore. Even if the corresponding logfiles would be cleaned already the job would provide at least some information, at least it would show a link to "latest"

## user story
As a user referencing job results externally (e.g. in bug reports) I want the linked jobs to stay around for way longer to not loose at least the job details

## acceptance criteria
* **AC1:** A job used in bug reports is not cleaned as soon as unreferenced jobs. It's considered important
* **AC2:** Jobs just marked with a issue link are not considered "important"
* **AC3:** Jobs marked automatically by carry-over are not considered "important" (as there was no human action on this job and therefore less valuable)
* **AC4:** Deleted job pages show something more reasonable than a page which is just telling that the page does not exist

## tasks
* Define a label to be used or a database entry, e.g. `label:linked`
* On cleanup consider the jobs with `label:linked` as important
* optional: Automatically add label based on if the page has been called or the buglink has been added there based on human intervention
* optional: redirect from job not found page to something more helpful, e.g. when the job page probably existed at a time but does not anymore, e.g. because the job number is smaller than the current existing jobs

## original

1. Do not delete jobs which have a bugref
2a. Do not completely delete old jobs
2b. show a custom details page for old jobs with at least some explanation of what is happening, e.g. link to latest