action #43619

Updated by okurz over 3 years ago

The workflow of eg. adding a new dependency to os-autoinst/openQA is badly documented and there is room for improvement. The following points could be improved in my opinion: 

 1. Move files for the docker environment used to run tests of os-autoinst and openQA within Travis to its own repository. Or at least get somehow rid of the cyclic dependency between os-autoinst and openQA regarding the test environment. 
 2. DONE: ~~Have <s>Have os-autoinst's *.spec file in Git like it is already done for openQA. This would ease updating the dependencies. Or am I missing a technical limitation preventing us to do so?~~ so?</s> - already implemented 
 3. DONE: See : ~~Document Document all the places where to add/remove new/obsolete dependencies. Incomplete list of places which should be covered:~~ covered: 
     * CPAN files for Perl dependencies 
     * *.spec files 
     * Docker files 
     * asset cache for external JavaScript/CSS libraries 
 4. Document the purpose of the different Docker files. 


 This ticket is mainly for gathering some ideas and further discussion. If we want to implement some of the points, we can create separate ticket if required.