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Updated by riafarov almost 4 years ago

## Observation 

 - Only 1.5GB are reserved for `/` partition: 
 - Only 5GB (4.88GB) are reserved for `/usr` partition: 
 - Installation takes 2.9GB: 
 - Data takes 225MB compressed + 236MB uncompressed (it is downloaded into `/home` which is in the 1.5GB `/` partition. 

 We have same issue on TW: 
 But there we are lucky not to run out of disk space, in the code we have `type_string '1.5G';`, so to fix it it's very easy, 
 but we also want to make this code more reliable and not just smash keys and hope that we did the right thing. 
 We already have `sub resize_partition` in `lib/`, so we should reuse it here. 


 ## Reproducible 

 - Fails since in scenario opensuse-15.2-DVD-x86_64-splitusr@64bit-HD40G 
 - Current occurrence: [695.1]( 
 - [latest](