action #42773

Updated by SLindoMansilla almost 4 years ago

## Motivation 

 Currently the VLC test module tests that we can correctly trigger the play of a video and that playing ends but we do not check that the video can actually be correctly rendered. 

 ## Idea 

 Could be beneficial to test the rendering of the video, e.g. either start paused at a certain timestamp or frame or configure VLC to still show the last frame after playing the video. 

 ## Acceptance criteria 

 - **AC:** VLC is started from a specific timestamp, paused and checked with a needle. 

 ## Tasks 

 1. Make test module `vlc` to execute VLC on a specific timestamp. 
   - Tested with vlc- (Leap 15.1): `type_string 'vlc --start-paused --start-time=15 ' . autoinst_url . '/data/Big_Buck_Bunny_8_seconds_bird_clip.ogv'` 
 2. Check with a needle that the video is rendered.