coordination #64746

Updated by okurz almost 2 years ago

## ideas

* use innovative storage solutions
OSD specific: cron job which checks if df is showing low space available for /results, then call `find … delete videos older than <…>`
* DONE: ~~Default Default to NOVIDEO=1 for all scenarios that set a MAX_JOB_TIME higher than default 2h~~ -> [gh#os-autoinst/openQA#3112]( commit ab74357 2h
* Have a configurable list of file type/name/pattern with retention period or size quota for each file type/name/pattern
* Improve video compression codecs (a 20MB video.ogv can be compressed easily to 14MB video.ogv.xz, that can be improved)
* Allow to configure retention period for the video individually #67087
* Something better than single fixed, unflexible volumes. E.g. dm-cache, lvmcache, bcache, SUSE enterprise storage. Maybe also splitting stored results in openQA by "recent, active" and "old, archived" and then put both categories in different folders which can be mounted from different storage locations, e.g. fast, expensive for "recent, active" and slow, cheap, big for "old, archived"
* try out tuned ext4 for worker pool fs to use a more modern default base fs than ext2 even though internally it's the same new code but we might benefit still, e.g. from faster fs formatting times. #64746#note-2


(originally reported by @okurz after being lost due to database issues)