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## Motivation
As ideas based on our investigation work in #54902#note-10 . Jobs can spend quite some time in "Uploading" and it's not really clear to users what is going on or an open browser tab is handling it inefficiently

## Acceptance criteria

* **AC1:** The job details page preserves a user selection, e.g. the currently selected tab, when a job changes from "running" over "uploading" to the final state **DONE**
* **AC2:** During longer uploads the current status can be read from live logs in the webUI
* **AC3:** Jobs are only shown as Done when all log files are completely uploaded **DONE**

## Suggestions

* Prevent the repeating auto-reloads of the webpage
* Provide the current status from logs over the webUI
* Ensure the job to be considered complete and upload worker-log.txt only after all other files are uploaded