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Updated by riafarov about 2 years ago

## Description
We continue extending coverage on powerVM, based on the priority provided in

We already have quite some test suites related to the storage enabled, so it's time to cover other things.

NOTE: gnome is not important on powerVM as is not used there according to our knowledge, so we should not test it.

Alex already has set `+DESKTOP=textmode` for powerVM on the machine level.

In this case we either need to create user files, so that users can be imported, or use `START_DIRECTLY_AFTER` setting to run scenario after cryptlvm, so we have installation with pre-created users.

We also could try to create users on encrypted partition, so we might be able to do that if create correct files. So we could chroot to the encrypted partition and run useradd command.

## Acceptance criteria
1. cryptlvm+activate_existing+import_users scenarios are enabled on powerVM with validation modules
2. Installations are conducted for textmode (no gnome)
3. Test scenario is configured to start after same scenario succeeds on power KVM
4. Test plan is updated accordingly