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Updated by riafarov over 1 year ago

In order to verify that "yast nis_server" and "yast nis" configuration on nis mm tests, works properly, a new module can be created for each test with following steps:

NIS server:
(as root)
* useradd nis_user -> in the current test, /home/nis_user folder is created and shared via nfs, so in order to avoid extra steps, the user added should be "nis_user".
* passwd nis_user
* chmod nis_user:users /home/nis_user -> current owner of the folder is "root".
* cd /var/yp
* make -> nis database needs to be aware of the new user.
* Check if /etc/defaultdomain and /etc/idmapd.conf contain the nis domain ( At maps setup of nis_server module, all entries are selected. There can be a check in /var/yp/ if entries correspond

NIS client:
(after above actions on nis server are completed)
* ypcat passwd | grep nis_user / ypmatch nis_user passwd / getent passwd nis_user -> one option out of three, in order to verify that the client connection to nis server database is successful and new user is visible.
* su - nis_user
* pwd -> verify home directory of nis_user is /home/nis_user
* echo "nis works"> file1 -> verify write
* grep "nis works" -> verify read
* Check if /etc/yp.conf exists and has the entry "ypserv"
* Check if /etc/nsswitch.conf has expected entries e.g. "netgroup: files nis"
* Check if /etc/defaultdomain contains the nis domain

We should also extract settings to use same value for configuration and validation.