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Updated by riafarov over 3 years ago

Sporadic failure in shutdown module. Two types of failures observed: 
 - Display at password prompt is distorted and cause needle match failure ( ) 
 - After password is entered, system doesn't show desktop. ( ). According to autoinst-log, provided password was incorrect and then system "Stopped target Current graphical user session." 

 As per Yanis, it fails constantly on uefi. Seems that it's issues with openQA setup, as Yanis managed to shutdown the system and it worked just fine. So we need to identify the actions needed to fix it. 

 [    675.237199] gnome-keyring-daemon[2603]: couldn't initialize slot with master password: The password or PIN is incorrect 

 [    675.297939] gdm-password][4597]: gkr-pam: unlocked login keyring 

 [2020-03-12T12:29:22.895 CET] [debug] tests/shutdown/ called power_action_utils::power_action -> lib/ called testapi::select_console -> lib/ called x11utils::ensure_unlocked_desktop -> lib/ called testapi::wait_still_screen 
 [2020-03-12T12:29:22.895 CET] [debug] <<< testapi::wait_still_screen(similarity_level=47, timeout=30, stilltime=1) 
 [    675.471356] systemd[4428]: Stopped target Current graphical user session. 

 [    675.803774] systemd[4428]: Stopped target GNOME X11 Session (session: gnome-login). 

 [    675.914330] gdm-Xorg-:1[4408]: (II) event3    - Microsoft Vmbus HID-compliant Mouse: device removed 

 [    675.994240] gdm-Xorg-:1[4408]: (II) event4    - Power Button: device removed 

 [    676.108023] gdm-Xorg-:1[4408]: (II) event2    - AT Translated Set 2 keyboard: device removed 

 [    676.167890] gdm-Xorg-:1[4408]: (II) event0    - AT Translated Set 2 keyboard: device removed 

 [    676.223982] gdm-Xorg-:1[4408]: (II) event1    - TPPS/2 IBM TrackPoint: device removed 

 [    676.276254] gdm-Xorg-:1[4408]: (II) UnloadModule: "libinput" 

 [    676.316927] gdm-Xorg-:1[4408]: (II) UnloadModule: "libinput" 

 [    676.358856] gdm-Xorg-:1[4408]: (II) UnloadModule: "libinput" 

 [    676.418850] gdm-Xorg-:1[4408]: (II) UnloadModule: "libinput" 

 [    676.487558] gdm-Xorg-:1[4408]: (II) UnloadModule: "libinput" 

 [    676.546600] gdm-Xorg-:1[4408]: (II) Server terminated successfully (0). Closing log file. 

 [    676.648098] gnome-session[4457]: gnome-session-binary[4457]: WARNING: Lost name on bus: org.gnome.SessionManager 

 [    676.732171] gdm-launch-environment][4424]: pam_unix(gdm-launch-environment:session): session closed for user gdm 

 [    676.834667] systemd[4428]: Stopped target GNOME Session. 

 [    676.908222] gnome-session[4457]: Unable to init server: Could not connect: Connection refused 

 ## Observation 

 openQA test in scenario sle-15-SP2-Full-x86_64-skip_registration@svirt-hyperv fails in 

 ## Reproducible 

 Fails since (at least) Build [101.1]( 

 ## Expected result 

 Last good: [154.1](