action #65627

Updated by pcervinka over 1 year ago

Jobs started to fail with download error of asset file after recent changes to LTP asset handling.

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Likely error from autoinst-log.txt:
[2020-04-15T14:35:55.0612 CEST] [info] [pid:143562] +++ setup notes +++
[2020-04-15T14:35:55.0612 CEST] [info] [pid:143562] Running on grenache-1:5 (Linux 4.12.14-lp151.28.40-default #1 SMP Fri Mar 6 13:48:15 UTC 2020 (f0f1262) ppc64le)
[2020-04-15T14:35:55.0617 CEST] [debug] [pid:143562] Found ASSET_1, caching runtest-files-sle-15-SP2-ppc64le-178.1-Online@ppc64le-spvm.tar.gz
[2020-04-15T14:35:55.0619 CEST] [info] [pid:143562] Downloading runtest-files-sle-15-SP2-ppc64le-178.1-Online@ppc64le-spvm.tar.gz, request #82339 sent to Cache Service
[2020-04-15T14:36:01.0241 CEST] [info] [pid:143562] Download of runtest-files-sle-15-SP2-ppc64le-178.1-Online@ppc64le-spvm.tar.gz processed:
[info] [#82339] Cache size of "/var/lib/openqa/cache" is 49GiB, with limit 50GiB
[info] [#82339] Downloading "runtest-files-sle-15-SP2-ppc64le-178.1-Online@ppc64le-spvm.tar.gz" from ""
[info] [#82339] Download of "/var/lib/openqa/cache/" failed: 404 Not Found

[2020-04-15T14:36:01.0252 CEST] [error] [pid:143562] Failed to download runtest-files-sle-15-SP2-ppc64le-178.1-Online@ppc64le-spvm.tar.gz to /var/lib/openqa/cache/
[2020-04-15T14:36:01.0742 CEST] [info] [pid:143562] +++ worker notes +++
[2020-04-15T14:36:01.0742 CEST] [info] [pid:143562] End time: 2020-04-15 12:36:01
[2020-04-15T14:36:01.0742 CEST] [info] [pid:143562] Result: setup failure
[2020-04-15T14:36:01.0746 CEST] [info] [pid:187969] Uploading autoinst-log.txt