coordination #13812

Updated by okurz about 5 years ago

## Related [use cases](

Especially [UC1]( and [UC5](

## ideas

* Failing tests
* with unassigned ticket
* with resolved / closed ticket (also see #12092)
* related ticket: #10188
* Consider some testsuites as more important than other testsuites #13780
* Statistics over
* failed/passed ratio per build for each product
* number of executed testsuites per build for each product
* List overall "todo: review" entries
* Filter on index page for specific groups
* Group test results by build number, related ticked: #13742
* Overall status indicator (eg. status light / 'Ampel')
* "the oldest still open bug"
* "the most flaky scenario / module / architecture"
* back-references to bugs
* scenario result and state change in each tests result
* track all changes
* measure completion time of builds, also per architecture
* finish at least one build per day -> QA reviewer decides this
* tests that have not run for long time
* live update of bug status
* priority of bugs in review reports
* personal customized view vs. static hierarchical dashboard view
* "weather of scenario", e.g. is it failing all the time or just sporadically

## references

could be inspired by sonar, e.g. see and, but also [jenkins Radiator View Plugin]( or [jenkins eXtreme Feedback Panel Plugin](