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Updated by riafarov about 2 years ago

## Motivation
The yast2_cmdline performs some tests for the command line with the Test Anything Protocol [0].
One of the tap test is for yast2_network module which its tests are relative to wicked and that's why they do not work with NetworkManager,
and it doesnt make sense to run it if this is the case.

Therefore, yast2_cmdline should be executed with wicked setup only.

In openqa, Tumbleweed uses an image which uses NetworkManager. We need to make the test work 'switching' to wicked

NOTE: textmode installation has wicked by default, but we use only gnome image

In the image we can switch using following commands:
systemctl disable NetworkManager --now
systemctl enable wicked --now

## Acceptance criteria
1. There is an image with wicked enabled in it
2. yast2_ui_devel uses image with wicked from step 1.
3. nis_(client|server) test suites use image with wicked from step 1.

## Suggestions