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## Current State

Last year we had some tickets in the "openqa" queue, which is covered by the SLA between QA SLE and EngInfra, and some tickets in "infra". Experiences:

* + Tickets in the "infra" queue were being worked on faster than in previous years
* - tickets in "openqa" were sometimes neglected for longer times
* - EngInfra-members did not understand what the "openqa" queue is for or did not know of the SLA
* - it is not possible to reply on tickets in "openqa" queue

## Further details

* (closed) describes that the ticket queue "openqa" is not open, what problems this causes and why no one wants to change that.
* (closed) already mentions the problems we have with the "openqa" queue, it was closed suggesting to talk personally so we are going in circles.