coordination #54806

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## Motivation
For example SLE migration has
We need this feature since we hope to make the openQA viewers such as project manager to easy to distinguish different sub job groups.

We have several
migration paths that need to be covered. A logical grouping which means a sub job group for us such as migration from SLE11SP4, migration from SLE12SP3, migration from SLE12SP4, etc. We can have a new property of according sub job group and set test results suites in different sub job group in the display of /tests/overview can help to understand aggregated results.

## Acceptance criteria
same job group.

* **AC1:** Logical grouping of tests within the /tests/overview page can be controlled by test maintainers

## Further details

It could may looks like below:

test suite 1
test suite 2
test suite 3
test suite 4
test suite 5
test suite 6
test suite 7
test suite 8
test suite 9

Currently in SLES 12/Migration: SLES job group, we add three types media types(Migration-from-SLE11-SPx, Migration-from-SLE12-SP5-to-SLE15-SPx, Migration-from-SLE12-SPx) in the job group for different sub job groups.