action #18980

Updated by pvorel over 2 years ago

Neither os-autoinst or QEMU throw an error when creating a virtio console device, connecting to its socket or sending data. However no I/O is recorded in QEMU's chardev log, nor is anything received from the SUT through the socket. It is a bit strange that not even data sent by os-autoinst is recorded in the log, although it might never log input data, but appears to under normal operation because echo is enabled on the TTY.

Unlike x86, ppc64le already uses /dev/hvc0 (on the SUT) for the regular serial port whereas virtio console would usually be on this device. However this should probably just mean that it uses /dev/hvc1 instead, os-autoinst would have no problem with this. Maybe SLE's systemd is not configured to start agetty on this device or the virtio_console driver works differently on ppc64le. Both seem quite strange.

This might be a product bug, but I need more information from the SUT to decide. It should just work.

UPDATE: for those who are searching here for **OFW**: it's ppc detectioni
(Replace check_var ARCH ppc64le by get_var OFW)