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## user stories
* As a developer working on bugs I want to have access to the original jobs used for reporting to better understand the original issue of a bug
* DONE: As a QA SLE product manager I want to be able to easily find results from older important builds to review for documentation reasons like I am used to with testopia
* As a user of assets on an openQA server I want these assets to stay around for longer for tagged builds to prevent the asset getting lost while I am still relying on it, e.g. for bug investigation

## acceptance criteria
* jobs "tagged" are kept around longer than non-tagged jobs
* DONE: a UI-only way exists to show only important builds but also including ones that are older than 14 days -> [gh#807](
* assets, e.g. isos, of tagged builds are not cleaned as agressively as untagged builds

## tasks