action #38807

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## Motivation
We use the medium "iso/SLE-12-SP4-Server-DVD-x86_64-Build????-Media2.iso" while using it as repo.
We thought we used that ISO to extract the repository, but the ISO and the repository are synced and handle into OSD in different tasks, so we don't need to sync nor have a job setting with those unused isos.

However we need to account for the medium (so it will get deleted by openqa-gru.service), see #38804 for fix to medium2.
There are still some other ISOs for modules that need to be checked.

## Acceptance criteria
* **AC1:** All synced assets are accounted for in test asset variables
* **AC2:** No
but unused assets are not provided as assets on jobs that users want to clone
* **AC3:** **AC2:** Jobs without ISO do not don't have the setting **ISO_MAXSIZE**

## Suggestions

* For *AC1* check for "Untracked assets" to correspond with QSF-u owned tests. If there are any make sure the tests reference the assets, e.g. by using ISO_1, HDD_1, etc. to reference these assets.
* For *AC2* ensure no test suites or media or job templates reference assets which tests do not need, e.g. no s390x tests need an ISO. As ISO is often provided by, overwrite assets with e.g. `+ISO=` or `+ISO_1=` or similar. Also make sure if assets are not needed that they are not synced by nor ObsRsync
* For *AC3* simply follow the previous step and make sure that ISO_MAXSIZE is only specified on tests that also actually use the ISO assets

## Further details

#### s390x
Our current s390x jobs reference an ISO as well but we never use the ISO directly but only repos from that. These jobs should also be handled