coordination #58166

Updated by mkittler about 4 years ago

Our jobs run on ipmi workers. When many tests chained, to get high test efficiency, we need the feature that the following tests can continue when earlier tests fail. 

 We were suggested to set fatal flag to 0 to these tests. However from the tried example, it did not work. 

 Failure job link: 

 Can any expert on this help to confirm whether we use it the correct way?  

 Job details: 

 Test order: 
 login_console -> fail_moduleA -> fail_moduleB 

  fail_moduleA main code: 

  sub run { 
 	 type_string("echo start\n"); 
 	 die "die on purpose to check if test continue to next module"; 
  sub post_fail_hook { 
 	 #force_soft_failure("let test continue..."); 
          type_string("post_fail_hook DONE"); 
  sub test_flags { 
      return {fatal => 0}; 

 But B was not started after A fail.