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First check if the Feature status is "done".

Introduce a 'zypper lifecycle' command, which will provide information about product and package life cycle, especially inform about packages which are out of support or packages which will be out of support soon.

This information will be provided via a package, which will be part of product's update channel and as such can be updated when EOL for specific packages is known.

Products already do provide this information.

Defining a life cycle on per-package basis allows us to perform package upgrades and drops (e.g. for packages coming from modules), this requires informing customer about support status and EOL.

In principle this can be implemented as a standalone tool; implementing as zypper plugin is just matter of user's convenience.


In addition please extend the Testcase to test Feature 320699: Do not communicate End of Support dates, that change later to a previous point in time.

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The command "zypper product-info" reveals under the section "End of Support:" how long a product is supported. When releasing a new Service Pack (e.g. SP1 for SLES 12), the date reported by zypper is 2024, the end of support of the general OS. However, once SP2 is released, the reported date is updated to "SP2 release date + 6 months). Customers, who do not update will not see the change and still believe that their SP1 is supported until 2024. Furthermore, changing a "End of Support" date to happen before the originally stated one is not a good practice.
Therefore I suggest for all cases where the End of Support date cannot be provided to report via zypper: "see" instead. Once we know the End of Support date, the link should be replaced with the "real" date (and I guess replacing with the real date is happening right now already).