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## Motivation 
 This is linked to [Use case 4]( and motivated by a discussion by the QA tools team in the weekly meeting 2019-10-15 

 ## User story 
 As a test case contributor during test case development I want to run tests on production instances with all necessary changes recorded in version control before merging to master so that my change will have minimal unexpected impact (test regressions) on existing tests 

 ## Implications and suggestions 

 * The usual test contributor workflows should be supported and made easier by making openQA fully aware of tests triggered for development purposes without negatively impacting existing validation tests 
  * Potential impact on asset management 
  * No pollution of validation test reports by development tests 

 * Replace "fetchneedles" by inherent git support 
 * Provide support for github pull request validation 
 * Make the trigger source of test jobs apparent, e.g. the source git repositories 
 * #14818#note-18 : "Tim got a ticket from Ray that the docker test failed and wants openQA    to reproduce the issue and pause at the beginning of the docker test. Afterwards he wants openQA to make a disk snapshot and step through the test    execution to find out where the problem is. After he found out, he reloads the snapshot to tweak the execution. During this process, openQA records his steps and allows to add needles."