action #58127

Updated by oorlov about 2 years ago

## Observation
shutdown module is marked as failed while shutting down with GUI on machine with s390x backend (e.g., though according to logs the system is shut down.

At the same time the test module passes correctly while shutting down with console. The appropriate workaround is applied for s390x backend in module:

if (check_var('BACKEND', 's390x')) {
record_soft_failure('poo##58127 - Temporary workaround, because shutdown module is marked as failed on s390x backend when shutting down from GUI.');
select_console 'root-console';
type_string "$action\n";

## Task
1. Investigate why the test module is marked as 'failed';
2. Apply the solution to shut down from GUI without having errors;
3. Remove the workaround.

NOTE: The solution may require adding `is_shutdown` function to `os-autoinst/backend/` as it does not exist currently for the backend, though it is implemented for almost all other backends. This is the right way to check whether the system is shut down or not.
One of the possible ways to check the system to be shutdown is to check logs in x3270 console:

output_delim => qr/.*SIGP stop.*/,
timeout => 30